LAMBDA offers high-quality and programmable VIT-FIT syringe pumps for microfluidic research and lab-on-chip applications. The combination of a high-quality and long-life Swiss motor and ball screws with extreme mechanical robustness provides the VIT-FIT microsyringe pump with the high precision of the syringe pusher movement and the resulting pulsation-free flow rate.

Any glass, plastic, or metal syringes from 5 μl to over 150 ml could be used with the VIT-FIT programmable microfluidic syringe pump. Infusion rates range from 0.4 nl/min (with a 5 ml syringe) to 110 ml/min (with a 150 ml syringe).

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In the last decade, there is a great interest in analytical miniaturized systems on microchips, and on-chip integrated systems for different chemical processes like mixing, reactions and detection are in rapid progress.

The advantage of miniaturized integrated systems includes less sample volume and reagent consumption, more effective reaction because of the large ratio of surface-to-volume and lower cost. It also permits a rapid and efficient mixing as well as the recording of continuous IR spectra. These benefits lead the microchip technology to various applications like flow control, chemical analysis, biomedical diagnostics, drug discovery, inkjet printers, biochemical assays, genetic analysis, drug screening, and electrochromatography.

Antithyroid drug measurement in microfluidic chip-PTLM

Determination of MMI Methimazole (1-methyl-2-mercaptoimidazole) (MMI) using glass microfluidic chip-photo thermal lens microscopy (MFC-PTLM) in human serum and pharmaceutical samples. Both MMI and gold nanoparticles (GNPs) solution were introduced at the same flow rate (200 μL/min) to the microchannels by two microfluidic syringe pumps VIT-FIT.

VIT-FIT microsyringe pump for detection of antithyroid drug using GNPs in microfluidic chip

Protein conformation states were studied using a microfluidic mixer

Commercial Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer was coupled to a microfluidic mixer to allow the online monitoring of protein conformation under varying conditions. Two VIT-FIT programmable microfluidasdfic syringe pumps were used to deliver the protein and NaOH solutions to a microfluidic mixer with two inlets, at slow flow rates (10 arb. units).

VIT-FIT microsyringe pumps connected to microfluidic mixer to study protein conformation states

Bio cell manipulation using microfluidic cell rotator

The orientation of the Zebrafish egg in the integrated cell processor was controlled by changing the flow rate in the microchannel using the micro syringe pump VIT-FIT which has the function of infusion and withdrawal. The flow in the microchannels and at the micro-hole was precisely controlled with microsyringes.

Cell manipulation using microfluidic cell rotator and precise micro syringe pump LAMBDA VIT-FIT

Low voltage DC electroporation on a microfluidic chip

Electro Permeation of human cells was accomplished with a low dc input voltage in a novel microfluidic system. Polyelectrolytic salt bridges are constructed on a microfluidic chip for safe and efficient gene transfection. Cells were delivered into the microchannel by a LAMBDA VIT-FIT syringe pump at a flow rate range of 1.6 to 8.5 μL/min.

Cells were delivered into the microchannel by VIT-FIT syringe pump for gene transfection with low-voltage dc electroporation

Flow control in microfluidic / lab-on-chip applications

Microfluidic applications demand accurate control and measurement of small fluid flows and volumes within the microchannels. Precise and tunable flow rates are crucial in microfluidic applications involving droplets, cell manipulation, chemical and biomolecular sensing, and sample processing.

Pulseless flow

Extremely robust mechanics of the VIT-FIT syringe pump provide highly precise and pulsation-free flow rates.


The microprocessor electronics of the VIT-FIT syringe pump offers reliable and steady flow rates

Robust long-life construction

Casing and main body of VIT-FIT syringe pump are made of metal with solvent resistant protection.