Maximum flow rate with the VIT-FIT syringe pumps

We would need to know which syringe (diameter of the syringe) will you be using with the VIT –FIT. As soon as we know the diameter of your syringe, we can calculate the pressure and the flow rate range.

pH regulator with VIT-FIT syringe pumps

Yes, it is possible to implement a pH regulator using a VIT-FIT syringe pump to pump acid or base, a Mettler transmitter, and a pH probe. Regulation available can be ON/OFF or 0-10 V. Please contact us for more details.

VIT-FIT syringe pumps with software

Yes, VIT-FIT syringe pumps can be PC controlled through PNet software.  PNet is a PC control software for the remote control and data storage of LAMBDA laboratory instruments (peristaltic pumps PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW, MAXIFLOW, MEGAFLOW, syringe pump VIT-FIT, powder dosing instrument DOSER and gas flow controller MASSFLOW). For special applications with other LAMBDA instruments such […]

Metal syringe pumps and plastic made

The metallic construction and highest quality internal screws offer maximum mechanical load capacity. The robust construction offers efficiency and mechanical yield/force of the system.This is crucial for a pulsation-free operation. Also, highly viscous liquids can be handled well with a robust design than a plastic made.

VIT-FIT and VIT-FIT HP differences

The pushing force of VIT-FIT syringe pump is 300N (appr. 30 kg) (reducible by a switch to 80 N) and for VIT-FIT HP is 600 N (appr. 60 kg) (reducible by a switch to 160 N).

VIT-FIT syringe pump for electrospinning applications

Yes, the LAMBDA VIT-FIT syringe pump can be used for electrospinning and electrospraying applications. A short selection of references for these application is available at:

Working viscosity range for VIT-FIT

In addition to the standard VIT-FIT syringe pump with selectable pusher forces of 80N and 300 N, we offer a high-pressure VIT-FIT HP syringe pump with pusher forces of 160 N and 600 N. Please note, there are very few manufacturers in the market providing syringe pumps with such high forces. This syringe pump can […]

Automatic injections smaller than 1 minute?

Yes, it is possible to change the injection time. In Chapter “PROGRAMMING OF THE SYRINGE PUMP “ of the LAMBDA VIT-FIT manual, you will find step by step, how to change the time resolution from 1 minute to 0.1 minutes (6 seconds).

VIT-FIT multi-channel syringe pump?

We offer a single channel laboratory syringe pump which offers better precision. Multi-syringe accessories considerably degrade the precision of delivery and produce flow fluctuations, also in immediate flow rate. This is inevitable, because syringes have dimensional tolerances on the diameter, but also the mechanical resistances in each syringe vary from position to position. The relative […]