LAMBDA VIT-FIT laboratory syringe pumps and VIT-FIT HP high-pressure syringe pumps are polyvalent high-speed laboratory pumps / infusion pumps offering an excellent price to performance ratio.

The syringe pumps feature highly robust mechanics, which result in high forces and very precise flow rates.

The high quality syringe pump for laboratory: LAMBDA VIT-FIT

Plastic, glass & metal syringes of different sizes for LAMBDA VIT-FIT / VIT-FIT HP syringe pumps


The new syringe fixing system of LAMBDA VIT-FIT & VIT-FIT HP syringe pumps allows using almost any syringe:

  • syringes made of plastic, glass or metal
  • from 5 μl to ~150 ml syringes

According to the syringe and speed settings, the flow rates range from 0.4 nL/min to 6.6 L/h.


LAMBDA VIT-FIT laboratory syringes pumps can be programmed for infusion, withdrawal, infusion & withdrawal and withdrawal/infusion modes.
The program of the pumps can be repeated in 1 to 99 cycles or endlessly. The pumps can get remote controlled and offer further functions like automatic switch OFF.

LAMBDA VIT-FIT programmable laboratory syringe pump


The LAMBDA VIT-FIT syringe-pump with high quality and long-life Swiss motor and the ball screws with an extreme mechanical robustness (of 12’000 N which is the force to lift 15 persons!) provides

  • an unprecedented power,
  • high precision of the syringe pusher movement and the resulting flow rate.

LAMBDA VIT-FIT HP is suitable for high-pressure, high-speed & counter pressure applications and handling of liquids with high viscosity in your laboratory.

Spill protected LAMBDA VIT-FIT syringe pump and infusion pump - rear


The precise ball-screw mechanics is spill protected by the instrument casing and the pusher arm does not reach out, since it is integrated into the rear of the instrument.

The casing and the main body of the syringe pump are made of metal with solvent resistant protection.

«The best references of a laboratory syringe pump are its successful applications.»

We at LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments are always happy to receive your publications where the LAMBDA VIT-FIT or LAMBDA VIT-FIT HP syringe pumps supports your laboratory projects.